Fun Wedding Speeches

Wedding Speeches

Make Your Wedding Even More Unforgettable With Wedding Speeches

Everything is all set. The marriage license, the venue, the person who would officiate the wedding, the guests, the food, the reception venue…but something’s missing. Something so important, it would make your wedding complete: Wedding Speeches.

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Self Introduction

Hi, my name is Kenneth Taylor. I am married and live a wonderful life. However, during my wedding preparations, I encountered some ordeal in preparing great wedding speeches.

Lucky you, I have learned many useful things that takes months to acquire. Now, you can learn it within a couple of days. Well, I am going to show you some simple steps.


Basically, This Website Is Divided Into Two Main Sections:

1. Wedding Speeches

2. Recommended Products

In the ‘Wedding Speeches’ section, I have gathered 8 types of speeches:

Each of these 8 pages give specific tips on writing and giving great wedding speeches. Do come back often as I will add more latest articles over time.

The  ‘Recommended Products’ section is where I will review some of the best products that help me.

Personally, I have used the two products below and highly recommended it.

Remember to bookmark my website so that you can visit again soon. Now, come and read more on delivering wedding speeches that remember by all.


Why Speeches Are Important?

Some people may overlook the importance of these speeches but you shouldn’t. Getting married is even better if you’d be able to hear what your mom, dad, family, and friends would say.

It’s great to hear what people have to say to you; it’s good to hear their well-wishes, and it’s good to be able to look back at how they know you as a couple, that’s why wedding speeches are an important part of weddings.

Life is filtered by people’s different perceptions of you and knowing those perceptions may help you get to know each other better as you embark in this new journey in your life. Plus, you’d certainly laugh and cry along with these people as they share their messages of love to you.

It’s good to surround yourself with the people you love in this very important time—and hearing what they have to say makes it even better. Plus, in return, when it’s your time to speak, you’d also be able to share with them a piece of your heart, as well.


What Makes A Great Speech?

Great wedding speeches are something that will allow people to know the place you have in the newlyweds’ lives. Who you are to them, and what you have to say.

A great speech is something personal: Something from the heart and not something that you just asked other people to do for you. Of course, you can ask other people to help you with your speech, but not to the extent that you just let them write it without you knowing what’s in it.

It has to be real—but not to the extent that it will really embarrass the couple (especially if they’re not up for it) –You do not want to cause a scandal in this very important moment in their lives. Bad publicity is bad publicity, period.

Impromptu or Not

Some people opt to go impromptu with their speeches—meaning, they just have some index cards with them, or their phones, where they listed some points regarding their speech and just speak from the heart.

However, if you have a bad case of stage fright, then you should probably just write your speech before going to the wedding itself to avoid any mishaps. Either way, just make sure that whatever it is you’ll be speaking of is something real, and not something other people fed on you.

Speak Now

Clear those nerves and think of the people you love. Speak from the heart, and say how you really feel. Welcome this new journey with open arms, with happiness, and with light. Great wedding speeches come from the heart—and the joy and love will radiate from it.

Come, have great courage to speak at your very best. You can have the ability to say the right words with some coaching. Make it a memorable once in a lifetime experience for everyone and especially yourself. Read on our recommended products to guide you to a great start today. Cheers!

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