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Best Man Speech Ideas

Best Man Speech Ideas8 Tips On Giving A Best Man Speech

One of the things that a man has to learn to do well is to write a Best Man Speech. It may not seem like a necessary skill to have in everyday life,…

…but once you’re chosen to be best man at a wedding, you need to be able to step up to challenge. Here are a few tips to help you out.


Preparation Is Essential

First, you need to prepare your speech. Don’t just leave it to the last minute and try to wing it, because unless you’re a professional public speaker, there’s a greater chance that you’ll only end up saying nonsense once you step in front of the crowd.

And we all know just how awkward that moment can be for everyone. Be sure to take time to write your speech before the big day.


Take It Easy On The Alcohol

Giving a speech can be very intimidating, but that doesn’t give you the license to go overboard on the alcohol. One shot of hard liquor is enough to help you muster up all the courage you need to speak in front of the wedding party. Anymore and you’ll probably end up in a drunken stupor.


Have An Introduction

You can open your Best Man Speech by telling people about your relationship with the groom. Say a few things about how you met that will validate why he chose you as best man.

You don’t have to go into specific details. Just enough to get the ball rolling. don’t forget to thank him and the bride for having you at their wedding.


Think Of An Appropriate Story

If you know the groom well, there are probably hundreds of stories you can include in your speech. If you’re going to tell a specific story for the wedding party, be sure that it’s appropriate for the occasion.

Don’t share intimate details from the bachelor’s party, or stories about ex girlfriends that might cause friction between the bride and the groom.


Avoid Insults And Inside Jokes

Make sure that you avoid giving insults or inside jokes when giving your speech. It may be acceptable in a small intimate wedding, but if you’re talking in front of a big wedding party, you don’t have to go into specifics. Save the banter for those who will appreciate it.


Steer Clear Of Controversy

Never use the speech as your own personal soapbox. No matter how strongly you feel about a certain news headline, or anything related to politics or religion. The best man speech is your opportunity to talk about the happy couple. Don’t ruin it by preaching non related issues.


Propose A Toast

Don’t forget to end your speech by proposing a toast. This is the part where you send your best wishes for the couple. The best man toasts should be short, but meaningful.


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Be Yourself

Lastly, just be yourself. The Best Man Speech is your chance to show everyone at the wedding who you really are so there’s really no point in pretending to be someone you’re not. As long as you’re sincere in giving your speech, your efforts will surely be appreciated. By the way, do check out some of the highly products review to guide you on great speeches.

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