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Father Of The Bride Speech

Father Of The Bride Speech Give Your Daughter Away In Style With The Best Father Of The Bride Speech

Your baby is now a lady. She’s now going to share her life with someone that she loves—someone whom she’ll spend the rest of her life with.

And while it must be extremely hard for you to give her away, it is also important that you give her and her groom your blessing.

With that in mind, you should be able to create the best father of the bride speech.


Thanking The Guests And Breaking The Ice

You can start off your speech by thanking the guests, and saying how glad you are that they came. You can also start by saying how you feel—if you’re nervous, and all that.

Cracking a joke also helps to break the ice, and everyone enjoys a humorous, witty speech. Talking about your daughter also helps. Talk about this girl you took care of, this girl you knew.

Talk about fond times with her, about how you felt when her husband asked for her hand in marriage. Talk about what’s been running in your mind all this time. Keep it simple, and keep it real.


A Toast To The Groom And Bride

A Father Of The Bride Speech wouldn’t be complete without a toast to the newlyweds. Make them feel at home and make them feel loved. It’s important that the couple feels accepted, and that you’re going to be with them in this new journey in their lives.

Talk about how the man asked you for her hand; about what you think is good with this couple; talk about the times you’ve shared with them. Give them good advice—right now, it is what they need.

It’s an exciting yet terrifying thing that they’re in at this moment, and they need all the help they can get. You’re a wise man, and you should impart some of that wisdom to them. And, assure them that you’ll just be around whenever they need you.


Acknowledging The Families Involved

Another good thing to do in your father of the bride speech is to thank the groom’s parents and family for being here. Tell them how you are now sharing your daughter with them, but that you’d still be around, and that they should take care of her.

Do not totally scare them, though, as you would not like to create animosity. Just speak in a clear, friendly manner and you’re all good. Your families are now tied together, so it would be good to start a good friendship and kinship with them.


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Be True, Be You

You can also say a little something to your wife. Liken your relationship to the newlyweds’ relationship and also point out the differences. Tell your wife that you love her and that you wish your daughter and her husband would have the same good relationship that you have.

Just be true and be you, for above all, a good Father Of The Bride Speech is something that says a lot about you as a man and as a father. Do read on our recommended tips for more ideas.

Just be yourself, and don’t forget to make this day even more special not just for your daughter, but also for her husband. You’re a family now and it’s important to remember that.

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