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Main Of Honor Speech  5 Tips On Writing The Best Maid Of Honor Speech

Being the maid of honor at your sister’s or best friend’s wedding can be stressful.  Not only are you expected to help the bride out with some of the major preparations for the big day,…

…it’s also up to you to plan and organize the bridal shower and the bachelorette party with the bridesmaids.

With so many things going on at the same time, a lot of maids of honor simply put off writing their speeches or toasts to the last minute. If you need a bit of help writing what you’re going to say at the reception, here are a few tips on how to write the best maid of honor speech.


Write Down Your Thoughts

First, you need to take some time off to write down your thoughts. This is your chance to express your sentiments to your sister or best friend so it’s important that you have a heartfelt, well organized Maid Of Honor Speech at hand.

Speaking in front of a crowd can be unnerving, especially if you know that you’re not exactly a strong public speaker. If you don’t have a prepared written piece, you might end up babbling nonsense in the middle of the speech, which could cause uneasiness between you and the bride.


Talk About Your Relationship With The Bride

Not everyone at the wedding will know who you so you can start your honor speech by saying a few things about your relationship with the bride. Write down funny anecdotes that you feel would be appropriate for the occasion.

Keep this part short and simple and make sure that you don’t say anything that will embarrass the bride. Let her know how much you love her and how happy you are that she chose you to be the maid of honor.


Compliment The Happy Couple

Next, say something positive about the happy couple in your maid of honor speech. What is it about them together that makes you believe in love? You can share a cute or romantic story about them.

If you know the bride and groom well, share your thoughts on why they make the perfect couple. But again, nothing that would be too embarrassing. If you don’t really know the groom, talk to him beforehand just to get a sense of his feelings for the bride.


Find Inspiration In Quotes

You can also include a few inspirational quotes in your speech. It may be cliché, but it’s still one of the best ways to tie the whole speech together. It can be a quote about love from your favourite author or an excerpt from a poem that you feel would best describe the occasion. You can also say lines from a song that is memorable to the bride and groom.


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Give The Toast

Last but not the least, end your Maid Of Honor Speech with a toast. This is the part where you express your wishes of happiness and fortune for the happy couple. Don’t forget to thank them for sharing this memorable occasion with you and everyone else present at the wedding with a great wedding speech.

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